We have a task before us, a task to overcome the evil of this world. It is a tough job, as the challenges and temptations are constant. But we should persevere and not give in to the sound of that dark call. In the Name of Christ we shall be conquerors.

This has been the question on my mind for a while now. Why should we care about the poor, the powerless, the broken and needy? I mean, look at the world…you try to help one person and a million others starve, because the powers that should, in fact, take responsibility for their welfare, cannot do the job anymore (some refuse to do their jobs in lieu of lining their own pockets). There is just a handful of people in the world that really care about others and those will never be able to save the world.

Over the past few months you may have noticed my absence from social media or perhaps not. My tiny organization is but a tiny speck in the world of charity. The reason for my absence is simple, I’ve taken stock of my responsibilities. This meant re-thinking all my commitments and yes, the motivation behind this was definitely a feeling of utter helplessness and hopelessness. I wondered why I should work my fingers to the bone for something that will barely make a dent in poverty. The tiny contribution my work brings cannot possibly make a difference.

Everything in the world is downside-up and no one bothers with another’s needs anymore. People simply DON’T CARE. They have too many worries of their own and all the sadness, pain and suffering they see around them has become just ‘part of the scene’. So why should I care, why should I waste my time and energy on such a thankless and, looking at the state of things, endless and worthless cause.

I seriously considered throwing in the towel…..yes I did. And many things happened over the past six months that actually MADE me want to give up. BAD things, things that caused me to reconsider EVERYTHING. Thanklessness, for instance, and donors’ horrid comments, the constant influx of requests from all over the world for help and help and more help. The silence on the donations side. And that was just the work. In my personal life things are equally awry. It seemed that BAD things do not come in three’s, after all, they come in STRINGS of three’s! It became tiring to always try and be a good person, looking at the bright side, smiling against all odds. I was starting to question the wisdom of my work.

On the heels of that, of course, came the question: am I actually doing what I am supposed to do?? Was this what God WANTED me to do? Did I understand that long ago message right or did I TOTALLY miss the point?

I struggled with all these questions day and night (literally) and finally it dawned on my poor, weary brain, ask somebody the answer. In my case that somebody would be God. The One I always turned to in good AND bad times. He set me on this path, so I intended to get the answer there and then. Oh, I’ve pondered the purpose of my life and work often in the past and every time He gave me the same answer: be faithful and serve.

I’ve been stalling the ‘confrontation’ with my Creator since the weekend. So, yesterday I finally asked God the BIG QUESTION: “What is my life purpose?” and I dared (yes, DARED!) God to answer me.

He did SO answer me, but before I tell you what He ‘said’ (God speaks to me through His Word, I do NOT hear voices!), I decided to look back on my week of Bible Study and the scripture that was highlighted in each and, to my surprise, discovered that He has been answering me all week, even before I popped the question! Obviously God does know our hearts.

Look at this:

Saturday, 13 May: 2 Corinthians 12:9: “My grace is all you need, for my power is greatest when you are weak

Sunday, 14 May: Proverbs 31:30: “Charm is deceptive and beauty disappears, but a woman who honours the LORD should be praised.”

Monday, 15 May: Psalms 118:24: “This is the day of the LORD’s victory, let us be happy, let us celebrate!”

Tuesday, 16 May: 1 Corinthians 13:6-7: “Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. Love never gives up, and its faith, hope and patience never fail.”

Wednesday, 17 May: “Psalm 119:10: With all my heart I try to serve you; keep me from disobeying your commandments.”

Thursday, 18 May: “Proverbs 21:3: Do what is right and fair, that pleases the LORD more than bringing Him sacrifices.”

These are all the daily scriptures I receive from my Bible application, YouVersion, you can actually check them, I did not choose them randomly.

When I asked THE QUESTION yesterday, I did expect an answer, but not that it would come as soon as it did. For my general Bible reading I’ve selected the book of Habakkuk this week and poor Habakkuk was in a TERRIBLE position. His whole world was falling apart, because of those pesky Babylonians that infiltrated the country. I could identify with him. A lot of the things he went through and saw happening is, in fact, happening in our world and in our own country TODAY.  What he describes is exactly what I spoke of earlier in this post: the people were desperate, they were poor, sick, sad, afraid, hungry, etc and those of authority simply couldn’t care less, they just trampled over them all. He turned to the Lord and, much like me, and I suppose many of us in the world, turned to God and asked, why, why, why does He not stop all these horrors in the world? He could, if He wanted to. When will it all end?  God did answer Habakkuk and even told him to write down this message in stone:

Habakkuk 2:3-4: “Put it in writing, because it is not yet time for it to come true. But the time is coming quickly, and what I show you will come true. It may seem slow in the coming, but wait for it; it will certainly take place, and it will not be delayed. And this is the message: ‘Those who are evil will not survive, but those who are righteous will live because they are faithful to God.” [Good News Bible]

It became clear to  me that all my efforts, and those of others who help the needy, and desperate, will not be in vain. Righteousness will triumph, as long as we remain faithful.

This morning, this came to me (don’t ask me how), I just thought of the book and the verse for some reason:

Ephesians 2:10:God has made us what we are, and in our union with Christ Jesus he has created us for a life of good deeds, which he has already prepared for us to do.” [Good News Bible]

Believe it or not, I Googled it, just to see what will happen. By the miracle of the internet I discovered the image below.

My answer then, remains the same as always: STAY FAITHFUL AND SERVE. It wasn’t a mystery after all.

We are all in this world together and, by our own choice, we can either DO SOMETHING or DO NOTHING to make it a better place. We can also say that it is futile, the world is lost already and that poverty and suffering is just part of life. You can say you refuse to waste our own energy, time and resources on somebody else. It is YOUR CHOICE.

Let me tell you something, to DO NOTHING, makes you more part of the evil in the world than you care to know. Ignorance will not save you. On judgment day, will you tell God that you didn’t know? You can try, but I don’t think He’ll fall for it. As human beings we are compelled to help others, as Christians we are commanded to do so. Claiming you don’t believe means NOTHING to me. You are part of the human race, no matter what you believe. And it is your responsibility to the species to reach out to those in peril.

So, are you with me? Are we going to stand firm against poverty and suffering against all odds?  I’ve chosen to speak up, to DO SOMETHING. My work, however insignificant, WILL continue, I will keep on trying to save the world one person at a time and through it all I will stand strong in faith in the Lord, whom I serve.

You see, I’ve received my answer from God. I’ve always known I am to lead a life of service. ‘Stay faitful and serve’, that’s what I will keep on doing.

* Scripture quotes: YouVersion Bible App

“But He replied, It has been written, Man shall not live and be upheld and sustained by bread alone, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.” [Deut. 8:3.]

‘In your life and my life, we know the power of words. Words can bless us and words can curse us. Words can lift us and words can cut us.’ 

I’ve heard somewhere that we, as modern human beings, have forgotten to listen to our instincts, because we don’t need it anymore. We don’t need to hunt for our food, sense danger in the woods, track our tribe by sense of smell or ‘feel’ our way along wastelands following the Southern Cross or the north star or whatever. 

The problem is, with our ‘sixth sense’, went our ability to listen to God’s spiritual voice.

We think that, in our day and age, when war, famine, death and destruction reigns in the world, that God is missing in action. Some even think He is dead or worse, never existed in the first place. Our problem is that the noise the world is making and our loss of our, almost psychic abilities, are making it impossible to hear His voice.

We should listen….in silence….for a while and we may be surprised at what we hear. And when you hear God’s voice, yes that little voice you like to call your ‘conscience’ is in fact God, do listen hard. God’s words are valuable, especially these days. Without His guidance, we will falter.

So take a breather from the busy world. Go sit somewhere in silence and open your heart and mind to His voice alone. You might be surprised at what you hear.



How very strange that I found this in my inbox on this, the last day of, what many would agree, has been a terrible year. 

This has been a tumultous year for me personally and I do hope and pray that 2017 will be a gentler year. It seems as if I’ve been running around like a wound-up toy, trying to make sense of life and not getting anywhere. 

One thing this verse tells me, though, is that I must battle forth, hold on to hope and onto God and all will be well.

That is also my prayer for all of you. I do hope that 2017 will see me keeping more up to date with posts so that we can visit often and share our thoughts.

Have a blessed new year’s eve, friends and followers. Stay safe, keep the faith and be filled with excitement at the dawn of a brand new year, always remembering that, if you believe, you will be carried through every storm, guided through every darkness and handed the gift of everlasting light in the end.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I did. I hope and pray it brings a sense of peace in times of turmoil. Stand firm, believers….

Revelation 22:7: “Behold, I am coming quickly. Blessed is the one who keeps the words of prophecy in this book.”




I’ve been wondering if I should say something for the longest time. You may have noticed that I’ve been absent from blogging and social media in general for a long time. Thing is, I’ve been battling my own demons…..and I’ve not won yet. But hope prevails.

Now, tonight, in the shadow of a dark moon, I feel compelled to voice my opinion on a subject that has really gripped my fascination for the longest time. Ever since childhood I’ve been haunted by dreams about it, have I heard tall tales about it, things that frightened me so that I literally curled up in a bundle and covered my ears with my hands. The thing that frightened me, friends, was nothing other than the rapture and eventual return of Jesus Christ.

I remember those dark nights in church, the pastor’s booming voice, warning us of the terrors and the horrors that’s to come. I couldn’t understand that a kind God, a forgiving God, could be so cruel as to strike fear the hearts of the people His own Son saved.

These days we look at the world and wonder.

Tonight I read something about a cloud of depression hanging over the world…and it suddenly dawned on me; this is what is happening to us. We are being pulled into a dark pit of despair and then, at last, the release will come from above…but the release will be a terrible thing, as you who’ve seen the signs may know. Now, I’m not going to try and scare you, please, don’t ever think that! What I’m trying to tell is that you can still save yourself!

Yes, the horrors will come…..the San Andreas vault will finally give up the ghost and make California the next Atlantis, there will be volcano’s and floods…have been for years, in fact. There will be fire in the sky, there will be an upsurge of paranormal events, supernatural stuff that we normal people will refuse to accept or understand. I’m waiting for this, because I believe it is indeed upon us and I’m not saying this because I believe every computer animated cloud in the sky or weird trumpet sounds or warnings of a meteor strike on fake news bulletins…I don’t. I take that kind of information with an entire vault filled with salt…some of it may be authentic, but there are many charlatans out there that, for some sick reason, like to strike the fear of God in us. I’m also not saying that I’ve received a visitation and am about to bring a divine message from an angel or the holy Mother; that is NOT my intention with this. It is just a feeling I have…a feeling I’ve been having for the longest time and I will honestly be the first to admit that I may just be depressed or paranoid, whichever is your poison.

Tonight, friends, and few readers, I’m just reaching out to you in an honest way about this instinctive feeling. I feel compelled to share it, hence this crazy babbling (again…but you know me to be a babbler, anyway).

Now, everyone who has internet has seen the videos on YouTube, heard the trumpet sounds, saw the strange cloud formations, the lights falling from the sky. You’ve all heard about the warning of a devastating earthquake in the US and I’m sure you’ve seen the one of the strange clouds over Jerusalem. I don’t think we should concern ourselves with any of that. This feeling I have is stronger than any of those so-called signs and warnings may be. It’s been growing since childhood, as I mentioned already, and it is consuming me. When I read about the concerns of a stranger about the reign of depression across the world it got me thinking. And it spurred me into action…

The point is that my gut is telling me we are nearing the end of something, but also the beginning of something else. It is going to be big. I am not sure what it is, just as I’m not sure that the interpretations we have of Revelation, that of a human, what he thought he saw and have been believed by thousands, is fact…we cannot be sure. But, like I said to my husband this evening, I am NOT taking chances. It is my jobs to tell you that you have to be ready, get cracking friends and neighbors and turn your back on whatever you think is important in this world NOW and reach deep inside yourself, find your spirit and revive it, because the future is looking bleak for those of us who are unprepared. This battle is NOT going to be a physical one; it is already here, by the way, remember the talk about the cloud of depression? The world is being attacked by something we cannot kill with guns and knives and bombs….we are now quickly becoming our own enemies! I’ve suffered from depression for nearly 30 years, but never has it been so common, so devastating as it is now. People use drugs and alcohol to make them feel better, they use other vices; sex, murder, whatever floats them through their terrible days. I hear people saying ALL THE TIME that they cannot do this anymore. Life is becoming unbearable and NOT because of the economy or war or famine, or whatever…because they just feel so terribly down! Listen to this:

Luke 21:34-36

“But watch yourselves lest your hearts be weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and cares of this life, and that day come upon you suddenly like a trap. For it will come upon all who dwell on the face of the whole earth. But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

Are you strong enough to fight against this terrible cloud descending upon us? Can you imagine how you would feel if all these predictions of earthquakes, floods, and other horrors come true? You will NOT be able to withstand the emotional strain! You will fall!! And THAT is exactly what the evil of the world wants us to do! The devil has been hiding in plain sight, right here, amongst us, watching and waiting like the rest of us. He has pounced and this is the result. Increase in alcoholism, drug abuse, child abuse, poverty, racism, hatred, criminal activity, murder, war, famine…the world is a mess and we are the victims of a spiritual battle which, by the way, we are LOOSING! It is time to wake up, people, NOT because of the YouTube channels that so busily testify of signs and warnings and images in the sky, NOT because of politicians who threaten economic downfall, NOT because of our own depression…that especially is NO EXCUSE!! We need to stand up for what our spirits believe NOW!! Take your stand, make your choice today, because I have a feeling our time is indeed short.

I’m speaking NOT as a prophet or a medium or any other spiritualistic, religious person; I’m speaking as myself, I’m sharing what I FEEL IN MY HEART…we need to take stock of our lives, we need to make peace, beg forgiveness and RETURN TO GOD TODAY!! Why this urgency? Truth is, there may not be a tomorrow…seriously.

What are you going to do? Make fun of me, perhaps? You are welcome. Criticize me…do that…I’m not a writer, nor a pastor, what do I know? I’m a silly housewife from a long-forgotten country at the far end of the darkest continent on the planet. My life means nothing…..so go ahead, make fun, have your laugh, just know this…I felt that I HAD to share this with you. You can do with it what you like.


Just a final word, friends…don’t say you were NOT warned, stop making excuses…this is YOUR responsibility, YOUR decision and, ultimately, YOUR life (or death). Don’t be deceived….I hope to see you all soon.




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