Good morning, friends. I will be unavailable today. Have some issues to deal with.

Please continue praying for my family.

Something to be grateful for:

  • Reconnecting with old friends. I have only a handful of those. The reason? I don’t trust easily. But those I have mean the world to me.
  • As always, my family. I have the best husband, boys and daughter-in-law in the universe.
  • The ability to help others. This is my God given talent. I love my commitment to a life of service.
  • The love and loyalty of God. Sometimes, in my work, I have no words, but I know that God will step in and give me the right responses, the right message at the right time.
  • Having had the most amazing dog in my life. Our sweet dachshund, Duchess, crossed the rainbow bridge last night. Thank you, Duchy, you were such a gift to our family. I’ll love you forever. Rest peacefully, sweetheart.

Something to look forward to:

  • Going for my final oncological checkup today. It’s my fifth year in remission and I am NOT afraid.
  • Continuing to be a vessel for the gospel. There is nothing greater than living a life, safe in God’s arms.

Happy are those who work for peace; God will call them his children!
Matthew 5:9 GNB



Something to be grateful for:

  • A new week lies ahead, one filled with promise and potential.
  • Then there is the birdsong this morning…for some reason it is expecially loud and oh, so beautiful.
  • The arrival of winter makes me SO happy. I love the cold!
  • Being alive and healthy and for having a positive attitude and a young spirit. Yes, in my head I’m still 20 years old.
  • Knowing that I can look to God alone for all I need to fulfil all my dreams and the purpose He has in mind for me.
  • Understanding that one is NEVER too old to dream.
  • Peace, God’s peace in my heart. For He knows me better than I know myself. He knows my past and forgave me for my wrongs. He knows my present and helps me to keep the faith. He also knows my future and will give me confidence and strength to step forward without fear.

Something to look forward to:

  • Going through the simple household chores today, grateful that I am well and able to do so.
  • Getting busy planning my week with Crossroads Ministries.
  • Writing down new ideas for my book’s ending. It is going to be about forgiveness, that I know.
  • Finishing Olivia’s sweater and finding a pattern for her beanie.
  • Living my day with a joyful song of praise in my heart.

I am on FIRE for the Lord!!

Something to be grateful for:

For the first time in weeks I actually slept for almost 7 hours and just one wake up at 3:15am. I feel so rested this morning.

Looking forward to:
Today I mean to start planning next week’s blog posts. I have also been thinking about my book a lot and want to make some changes to the original idea. All this, of course, after finishing my chores and doing some shopping.

My heart sings today, you know. Over the past few months things have been really tough, but God has been there, guiding and supporting, all the way. I am happy to report that things have finally been settled.

I praise the Lord for leading us on this path. I thank Him for the lessons learnt on the way. I humble myself at His feet for who am I to be cared for by the almighty God of Abraham.

He is eternal and so is His love and compassion. He destroyed us once with water and vowed to never do it again. He then sent His Son to be slaughtered so that we can receive forgiveness. His Son overcame death and granted us eternal life.

Praise Him in the storm and you shall survive with wisdom.

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