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Daily bread: 1Peter 1:24-25


“As the scripture says: “All human beings are like grass, and all their glory is like wild flowers. The grass withers, and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord remains for ever.” This word is the Good News that was proclaimed to you.”


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Daily bread: Colossians 3:23-24


“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for human beings. Remember that the Lord will give you as a reward what he has kept for his people. For Christ is the real Master you serve.”

Question: Why do you live? Why do you seek to be the best/richest/most successful? I can even dare to ask why you devote time and energy to help others. Why?

Is there someone in your life that you wish to impress? Someone you compete with, perhaps? A ‘Jones’-person if you will (as in…I have to have that designer house to show my friends I am as well off and grand as they are…to be like the ‘Joneses’, in other words). Then, my friend, I have news for you….all that running around to buy the ‘right’ house, in the ‘right’ neighborhood and drive the ‘right’ car, enroll your kids in the ‘right’ school…it means NOTHING. It’s like filling a shopping bag with cubic zirconias…yes, it has an almighty shine and it looks real enough. You can fool people into thinking they are real diamonds, but….it will ALWAYS be fake and, more important, if the shiny stuff is removed, all you are left with is a plastic shopping bag. All we have here on this earth has no meaning, no value….and you are not really impressing anyone.

Many people say that we are living in the last days….I couldn’t agree more. Everything is falling apart….I suspect that we should count ourselves lucky if we manage to survive another 50 years on this rock. I do believe that the time has come for us to turn our backs on this crazy, competitive life….we should, instead work with all our heart to deposit everything we have in a heavenly account. Everything we do must be for the Lord…to impress our Heavenly Father and not our friends and neighbors….our earthly belongings will stay when we go…(I have never seen a coffin with a U-haul).

Think about this and remember it next time the green-eyed monster whispers sweet nothings in your ear, trying to convince that, yes, you can buy that extra Michel Herbeln…then you’ll have two and Mrs Jones only one!

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The Ilze Halliday Foundation Blog

A huge thank you to both Karin Spykerman and Marline Jonker. Their donations found a home. Annah Ndlovu and her husband, Shepherd, from Madzibandlela Orphanage came to town today to pick up some stuff that they desperately need to take care of the children at their orphanage. Annah, not only, runs a daycare and community centre from her home, she also takes care of orphans, mostly abandoned babies. Marline donated biscuits for the children in January, but I held onto it until more donations could be picked up, making a trip from Soshanguve worth while. Karin contacted me earlier this week and told me that she has a mattress, hotplate, television set and portable radio that she wants to donate. I knew that Annah has trouble with beds…some of her little ones sleep 3 to a single bed and, because she prepares food for the kids at the creche AND some drop-ins from the community,the one stove they have is simply not good enough. The little classroom has no amenities, so I suspect the radio and television will be a welcome addition to their educational tools.

REMEMBER….Annah also asked for school uniforms. She told me today that she will prefer financial donations, as the uniforms must be bought from a supplier in Soshanguve. It is specific clothing with the school badge printed on it….not just any colour will do. So, if you can help them (it is just for four children – 2 boys and 2 girls), please follow the link below to IHF’s account details or contact me…I’ll gladly collect cash/cheques. You can also contact Annah directly at cell number: +27834238887.

Click here for our account details
(EFT’s = MadziUniforms; Cheques made out to ‘The Ilze Halliday Foundation’ and 

write Madzibandlela Uniforms on the back)
Click here for contact details.
Click here for contact form.


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“In conclusion, my brothers and sisters, fill your minds with those things that are good and that deserve praise: things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and honourable.”

Oooof, this is a tough one. Just look around us, friends and neighbors! When was the last time you REALLY looked at the world?

Our own little country is rife with BAD….no, I’m NOT going to go into the gory details, but anyone with half a brain can tell you what is going on right under our noses. And do you know what the worst thing is? We allow all this to just go on….merrily allowing evil to suck everyone in and make us, for our impassiveness, co-conspirators!

Just this evening I mentioned it to my husband again….it has, in fact been on my mind for some time…..when did things start to go wrong? Well, in my humble opinion, it began on the day we started to re-evaluate our morals. Instead of doing the less complicated thing, which is to listen to the commands of the Lord (clearly stated in His Word), we decided to discuss things, to find a way around (and sometimes through) these values. We chopped and changed it, trampling the simple truth underfoot in the process. And why? Why, because we are ‘so clever’, ‘so civilized’, ‘so modern’. We made something that is straightforward and clearcut, into something extremely complicated, just to prove our own superior intelligence…and then we said, no, but it is because the Bible says we must be tolerant, forgiving and kind. Really? Is going against the Word of God forgiving? Is it kind? Is it even right? Of course not!

God tells us to be faithful, we say, but we are….I’m faithful to my spouse, my secretary and the milkman! God says a great many things in His Word and we have found a good reason to NOT do any of them! Simple moral values…..the moment it went out the window, the foundations of society started to crumble.

It bothers me, this mess we got ourselves into. How do we fix it? I really have no clue….I’m just saying, the next time we do something, whatever it may be, let’s listen to our conscience. That wise little inner voice we all have….I suspect that it may very well be the voice of God Himself. I think it is the Hindu’s that have a saying: ‘God lives IN you, AS you’. If this is true, then the inner voice IS God….listen to it, it has a moral purpose…..it MAKES the choice FOR you (yes, surprise, you can choose to do good or evil things!)….and it makes the MORALLY SOUND choice. Perhaps, if each one of us just do this little thing, the world will eventually turn itself around and doing, thinking and saying good things will become easier. Can you just imagine how lovely THAT will be?

The moral (no pun intended) of the story then is, make the decision to change things, to make things better….by this tiny act: listen to your heart!

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Kitchen tiles….progress!! – http://pinterest.com/pin/337981147007762712/


#renovation #tiling #holidays

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School clothes needed urgently





Madzibandlela Orphanage in Soshanguve needs school uniforms for four of their children. Read their request: Madzibandlela orphanage is requesting donation of school uniform for four children for more information you can call me @ 0834238887 or inbox me. Your considaration in this regard will be highly appreciated.” 

Kindly contact, either me or Annah Ndlovu (at the number provided above) if you can help in any way. 

Thank you.

Click here for contact details.

You can also donate funds by clicking here for account detailsMark your EFT deposit as “MadziUniforms”

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