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Read full article: 8 Ancient Beliefs Now Backed By Modern Science.

Here are eight ancient beliefs and practices that have been confirmed by modern science.

  1. Helping others can make you healthier.
  2. Acupuncture can restore balance to your body.
  3. We need the support of a community in order to thrive.
  4. Tai chi can help alleviate a variety of health conditions.
  5. Meditation can help you reduce stress and discover inner peace.
  6. Compassion is the key to a meaningful life.
  7. Accepting what you can’t change is key to reducing suffering.
  8. All you need is love.

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Are You Giving Your Energy To Things That Don’t Deserve It?.

Quoting Jennifer Pastiloff (Mind Body Green). Read original article here: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-13337/are-you-giving-your-energy-to-things-that-dont-deserve-it.html

Friends, you HAVE to read this article below! It had me in stitches! It is also very true indeed….perhaps we should reconsider how we spend our time and energy. We can be SUCH a lot of self-deprecating, grumpies…..mulling over every little stupid thing other people have to say. worrying about the condition lives are in the world today – war, famine, grief, sorrow, death, destruction….I can go on for ages (negativity LOVES company, you see). I say…stand your ground, BREAK the rules if you want and ignore any negative comments people have about who you are and what you do. Maybe it is time that we stop feeling threatened about what others have to say. We must make our own happiness, our own joy and contentment in life…..no one will ever do that for us. YOUR LIFE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY…nobody else’s. Anyhow, with all the horror in the world today, who NEEDS personal attacks and negative reviews…it just adds to all the misery. We should stop focusing on the negative in life …it drags you down; choose who you trust and believe carefully and if somebody tends to be a negative influence on you….let that person go. It is human nature to contemplate negativity rather than positive thinking….we need to stop that nonsense. There is SO much out there that is still good and wonderful and positive; look around you, look at the world…past the ugly and the sad state everything seems to be in….look carefully, now….I’m sure you’ll find it. Found it? Now HOLD ON to it and throw it at ANYONE who dares to pull out his negative face today!

Now READ this and ‘let your JOY be CONTAGIOUS’! (Thanks ms Pastiloff – you made MY day!)

Recently I posted a picture of a shirt on my Facebook page because I thought it was funny. The shirt offered a definition of the F-word and said:

FUCK: verb [FAAK]
Fuck can be used in many ways and is probably the only fucking word that can be put everyfuckingwhere and still make fucking sence. Fuckers.

I added the following comment to the post:

A great f*cking shirt but would’ve been better if they spelled “sense” correctly. Nonetheless. Faak, indeed. ps, if this offends you, you probably liked the wrong page before going about my day.

Naturally, because it is funny, it got shared a lot and received many likes. But there were a couple of hateful comments. One of which I read because it seemed its author and I had some mutual Facebook friends. When I clicked on her page, I saw that she had posted a whole rant about my silly little comment.

I wondered about the energy it took to comment on something she didn’t like instead of just taking note and going back to folding the laundry.

I like to look at myself whenever I get hooked by something, whenever I make something a big deal when it isn’t. (Like um, why did I bother clicking on her page? That took up my time and energy and gave focus to something that didn’t need focusing on.)

Where do I stew on something small and possibly irrelevant until it becomes a looming thing, larger than life, lurking in my body like an ache? Where do I take myself too seriously? Where do I judge? Where do I decide I don’t like something or someone and then go on to give them more energy than what I do like?

It’s something we’re all prone to doing. That’s why I always ask my workshops and retreats a question that I call The 1 and 100.

I ask, “If there is a room with 100 people and they all love you, except one, who do you focus on?”

Almost everyone says the 1.

Yea, me too. It’s a thing we do, isn’t it? So we put our energy into getting the “1” to love us. All that precious energy focused on someone simply because we think it means something about who we are in the world when someone decides they don’t like us for whatever reason they’ve chosen.

We give our attention and energy to someone who may not give a flying rat’s ass (as my mom would say) about us.

It’s not always fun to look at ourselves. Especially when you realize that the very thing you are bothered by exists in you somewhere, even if in the smallest part of you.

Most of us take ourselves too seriously. Hey, I didn’t say all. If you are one of the people who doesn’t take yourself too seriously, who realizes that most of the stuff we get upset by (traffic, gossip, hurt ego, etc. )won’t matter in a year, can we maybe have lunch?

I would like to surround myself with more of that. I would like that to rub off on me more because you know, we are all contagious beings. Like I say in my poem called “How To Make A Life,”

Let your joy be contagious.
Let it spread through your home, your job, your children,
So that every once in a while, when you forget it,
You’ll catch it from someone else.

We’re totally contagious beings, so when we get our panties all in a twist, we spread that twistedness and upset and drama.

What I am saying is this: Lighten up.

Seriously. We could probably all use this message. I know I can.

This is why I have the rule in my yoga class that “If you fall you must laugh.” So many people stumble and look like they’ve just gotten fired. It’s. Not. That. Big. Of. A Deal. It’s just a tree pose, yo. Lighten up.

That lightness will actually help us balance. That’s the irony.

Take note of the things that offend you. Take note as to where you are putting your beloved energy. I hope it’s worth it.

I’ll do the same.

ps Faak!


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Creative eggs #TheKitchenPantrySA #CookingIdeas

Via The Kitchen Pantry on FB.

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AZA-ZEN: 07h58.

Poem by Eugene Halliday:



0 – Seven fifty eight, the clock is slowly ticking down;


Patiently to wait for death with his royal crown.


Every pulse of the timepiece exposes an abyss of blackness;


Causing fear in the mind for that inescapable bliss.


Lead me not into light but to depths of darkness instead;


Give me the will to embrace the shadows from which others have fled.


Encircle my life with your grace, oh Lord of death;


And receive my memories, my blood my every breath…


You have shown me to run with ease during the deepest of night;


 Never again will I fall or stumble in the evil of light.


Harken oh death, to the finality of this Atheist prayer;


Voiced in the silence of shadows everywhere.


With a total eclipse of memory I will soon be gone;


Yet the unbounded clock will forever be ticking on… 



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Via Loop: http://eepurl.com/SXgVj

Not On Your Own


“For You light my lamp;

The Lord my God illumines my darkness” (Psalm 18:28).


I stand with you, daughter. You are not out there on your own. Pause and see Me. Look for Me. Heed Me. Desire Me. I care less about what you do than about your seeing and heeding Me.


Daughter, it feels so hard to trust another, to need another, to let down your guard and be raw and real and open. But what have you got to hide? I live in you. Let that light shine.


Yes, you mess up and feel weak. Remember, I did not design you to be strong on your own.


You are the lamp lit by Me. You are the beginning of hope for another as you model trusting in Me and feeling like you don’t have what it takes on your own.

I do not ask you to go ahead, on your own.


Cling to Me. I am steadfast. Cling to Me. I give you words. Cling to Me—a life of prayer, each thought and action in accordance with my spirit in you.


You are not alone. Do not separate from Me.


You are mighty in my name and go boldly where I go. Boldness, on your own, is not boldness, but weakness and pride. Lay that down, my love.


I have more of Me to give you.

(April 19, 2014: Jennifer Camp @ Gather Ministries http://www.gatherministries.com)

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If you are as scatterbrained as I am, you will really need to remember (haha) these few ideas I picked up over time. Now, I am not just saying I have a busy mind….I REALLY HAVE AM BORDERLINE ADHD!! I do many things, am good at a few and some of it I’ll try and try and just never get right, but hell….try I will. The problem I find extremely frustrating, though, is that I just don’t seem to remember things. For instance: I’ll read a tip about how to get oil stains out of your laundry…I’ll think: ‘Oh, this is just BRILLIANT! Have to remember this one!’…and then I promptly forget. So, this afternoon, as I was reading an article in magazine and scoping out my Steve King-collection, I remembered something he (the King) said somewhere (can’t remember when or where, even if my life depended on it!)….he said that he never reads a book without taking notes and I thought (again): ‘That is a BRILLIANT idea!!! I should remember this!’ ..Oh, but then I remember my most irritating flaw….I FORGET THINGS CONSTANTLY!!! Hence, this post….

I started this blog many moons ago, because I forget things. And, to be honest, I cannot forget a single word I’ve written in any of them, unless something in particular stood out. Which is a good thing that I started writing it down in the first place, don’t you think? Life goes by so quickly and we don’t ever really take the time to soak up the barrage of info we get on a daily basis; be it from other people, on television, on the radio, in magazines or on the internet. I think it is humanly impossible to keep track of all the information out there, anyway, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try and remember things. So, here are a few things I came up with…some were things that others said, like Stephen’s idea to take notes when reading, some things I learned through experience. Use it if you like, or not….I’m just scared that, if I don’t write this down for myself I WILL FORGET!

  1. START A BLOG – go to a user friendly site and start your own blog. Start out with the free option. I love WordPress and keep all my blogs here…I have three at the moment: this one (which is mostly things about me, what I find interesting, the work I do, what my family is up to and so forth), one about writing (my own stories, tips on writing, ideas, etc) and my cooking blog (a collection of family recipes, tips and ideas, etc)
  2. MAKE NOTES – when you read a magazine or book, or even if you see/here something interesting…take a highlighter and mark it or make a note on your mobile (wonderful Apps to use are Evernote or OneNote…go to Lifehacker for the 5 best mobile note taking apps). Later on you can write it down in your blog.
  3. TAKE PICTURES – add this to your blog or create a board on Pinterest.
  4. READ..READ…READ – I cannot emphasize this more. It is through a love of reading that I keep on discovering new and exciting things. You must open your heart and mind to new ideas and possibilities….think broadly, don’t get stuck in the ONE thing that you love. There is more to life than just your little world, have a look, you will be surprised. 
  5. AND LISTEN – listen to what people say. Sometimes you even learn something….take note of it, write it on your blog and you will never forget.
  6. GIVE RECOGNITION – if you take info from any source…yes, even your grandmother, acknowledge them by mentioning your source. I know the world is quite alive (especially today, with everyone in everyone else’s business) with plagiarism – don’t you become guilty of that!! Make sure you name your source and refer people to the website or magazine or whatever you got your information from….it is VERY important.
  7. SHARE – don’t be selfish about your discoveries…share it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, where ever. These days you can easily link accounts so that you don’t have to do the sharing bit separately…it takes no effort and you have the added benefit of being in control of it all. You can choose where to share and what to share.

I know this is, perhaps, not VERY PROFESSIONALLY SAID but frankly I don’t care much…I write this down for myself and share it with those who would care to read it. If you have any other ideas and tips about blogging…..please let me know and I’ll add it here. These are just my own, personal little notes.

Maybe I did forget the most important thing….in all the blogging we do in our vast internet community, we still need to be kind, considerate and respectful. Owning a blog and having your say doesn’t give you the right to be rude. 

     8. RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE’S FEELINGS WHEN YOU BLOG. THINK before you press the ‘publish post’ button. Read through            your post and make sure your SPELLING is correct (yes, a simple thing like that can indeed be VERY embarrassing). And                    NEVER, EVER get all political/aggressive/discriminating/verbally abusive/argumentative unless you KNOW you will be able to                face the consequences of your words. 

And finally…WORDS HAVE POWER, use it well.


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God’s Climate Plan – US News.

Copied from: http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/at-the-edge/2014/04/18/gods-climate-plan

A MUST read for earthlings (especially if you’re sceptical of all the climate change ‘doomsday-criers’! Your future may depend on it.

God’s Climate Plan

God would not be happy with climate change skeptics.

Memorial crosses stand against the glow of gas being flared during a hydraulic fracturing operation on the Monterey Shale formation near Buttonwillow, Calif., on March 22, 2014.

Crosses stand against the glow of gas being flared during hydraulic fracturing near Buttonwillow, Calif.

By April 18, 2014One comment SHARE

We would like to introduce some talented science writers to “At the Edge” on occasion, covering thought-provoking topics. Today, as a guest post, David Jenkins discusses climate science and religion. David is president of Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship and a lifelong evangelical Christian. CRS is a national grass-roots organization of conservatives working to advance the original conservatism that compels us to be good stewards of our natural heritage.

With the confluence of Easter, Earth Day, and the latest report coming out from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it is a good time to reflect on God’s climate plan and how His design should instruct our thinking and our actions.

In the book of Genesis (3:19), God told Adam that his body would return to the ground when he died, saying, “…out of it you were taken; For dust you are, And unto dust you shall return.” What many tend to overlook is that God was describing a fundamental part of the carbon cycle.

[READ: Effects of Global Warming ‘Will Persist for Many Centuries,’ U.N. Says]

Through this miraculous process carbon, an essential component of virtually all life on Earth, is continuously cycled and reused. Trees and other plants, as well as the ocean, are designed to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. That carbon helps support life by being transferred to people, animals and the soil.

Much of that carbon stays in the cycle, but God in His infinite wisdom designed the carbon cycle to maintain the proper balance of carbon in the atmosphere — and in the oceans — by removing excess carbon and storing it underground in the form of oil, coal and other hydrocarbons.

When we extract oil and coal from the earth and burn it in ever increasing quantities, we disturb that natural balance by releasing that stored carbon from bygone eras back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide during a much shorter time frame than would naturally occur. That upsets the carbon balance in the atmosphere, causing excess carbon dioxide to build up in the atmosphere, where it begins to trap too much of the Earth’s heat.

Does it not then stand to reason that God, after designing the Earth’s processes to sequester excess carbon and keep our atmosphere’s chemistry in balance, would prefer that we respect His creation and find better ways to heat our homes and power our cars than using huge amounts of oil and coal?

[VOTE: Will the U.N.’s New Report Shift the Global Warming Debate?]

A refrain I sometimes hear from fellow Christians, often from those who take their cues from oil and coal interests, is “God wouldn’t have put coal and oil in the ground if he didn’t want us to use them.” That presumptuous reasoning overlooks the possibility that God might have put those hydrocarbons exactly where he wanted them to stay.

As the latest IPCC report points out, between 2000 and 2010 (the period examined) greenhouse gas emissions were the highest in human history — driven mainly by global increases in the use of coal. With the carbon dioxide concentration in our atmosphere already in unchartered territory, the report emphasizes the need to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and use energy more efficiently.

The imbalance is already taking its toll in the form of hotter average temperatures, increased severity of some extreme weather and imperiled food and water systems worldwide. The portion of the IPCC report that assesses climate change impacts, which came out last month, concluded these impacts are already being observed on every continent and in every ocean.

Those who do not believe burning fossil fuels is altering our climate like to peddle the notion that the Earth was created on such a grand and complex scale that it is impossible for mankind to mess it up. In other words, we can do anything we want without serious consequence.

Does that sound like something God would say, or does it sound more like something the snake in the Garden of Eden would say?

Is there any aspect of our spiritual or physical life where our actions are without consequence? Everything we do has consequences — and the Earth’s life-sustaining ecology was not designed to be immune from our actions and choices.

[POLL: Americans Still Unconcerned About Global Warming]

As Adam and Eve quickly discovered after giving into temptation, with knowledge comes responsibility.

As we gain a better understanding — often through scientific observation — of how God has designed the Earth to function and support life, we have an obligation to respect His design and live within it.

As we celebrate Easter this year and witness the wonders of spring, it is a great time to reflect on our own obligation to be good stewards of His creation. We would also do well to consider the words of conservative author and poet T.S. Eliot.

He pointed out that, “Religion, as distinguished from modern paganism, implies a life in conformity with nature,” and then he wisely concluded:

”A wrong attitude towards nature implies, somewhere, a wrong attitude towards God.


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