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#Inspirational #Devotional

Here is your word for today:

Verse:       Luke 16:15

‘……. but God knows your hearts …… ‘

– God knows what is going on in your hearts.
– He sees your true intentions and motives.
– Others may judge what is going on in your heart.
– But only HE really knows your heart and HE loves you.

Lord, it is such a comfort to know that You know my heart completely. You understand me and You know why I do the things I do. When I entrust my heart to You, I know it is in safe hands. Amen.



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#Inspiration #Loop

Via Loop I’ve got you.

Psalm 139:10

I’ve got you


“Even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me” (Psalm 139:10).


You look for Me, daughter. But you don’t need to look far.


Oh, trust Me. Trust Me: when I say I am with you, nothing can separate you from my love. This is true.


Come deeper.


Drink of these roots that do more than sustain. Yes, they hold you up. Yes, they let you reach high, to a new place, with Me. Yes, they give you courage, knowing you are held, knowing you will not topple. The stream that nourishes you will never run dry.


You do not do the planting in the best soil. That is for Me to do. You do not decide the weather—whether the sun will shine or rain will fall. You do not know when storms will bend your branches, the wind whipping off your leaves. You do not know when a branch will need to be cut, a root adjusted, fertilizer poured in and mixed with rich soil.


I am the one who cares for you, my love. I am the one who bends low, my hand upon you, my breath the sweet aroma of your soul.


Come, child. I take your concerns. I’ve got you.


I’ve got you.


I see you and care for you. You are growing.


You are becoming more and more yourself.


Oh, how I love to tend to you and be with you! You are the one for whom I bend low and you see Me.


I am so close.

I've got you

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#Inspirational #Devotional

Via Alive To God: Thought for the Day


Numbers 6:26

‘May the Lord show you His favour and give you His peace.’

– God wants to bless you personally and individually.
– He wants to show His favour towards you.
– He wants to bless you with the peace of knowing He cares for you.
– As a result you can walk through life knowing His peace each day.

Lord, I receive Your blessing and favour in and on my life. May I know the peace that passes all understanding and may I realize that it comes from You. Amen.

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#Inspirational #Devotional


James 3:17-18

Verse:       James 3:18

‘And those who are peacemakers will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of righteousness.’

– You and I are called to be peacemakers.
– We should ‘plant seeds of peace’ by the way we live our lives.
– The harvest on this investment will be enviable.
– Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Lord, may I be an instrument of peace in Your hands. Use me and use my life as a peacemaker after Your own heart. Amen.

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Thank you so much…I am so honored.


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