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Here is your word for today:

Verse:       Romans 5:3 (Amplified Bible)

‘Moreover let us also be full of joy now!’

– Often we want something to happen to make us happy.
– We want circumstances to be perfect before we rejoice.
– This seldom happens in life.
– The secret is to enjoy what we have NOW!
– God will take care of the rest!

PRAYER: Lord, I choose to be full of joy for what I have now and I will confidently trust You for what I still need. Amen.


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Daily Inspiration

Via #DailyInspirational & Motivational Best #Positive Attitude #PictureQuotes.

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What happened to you in your life? What scars do you live with? Do you, like me, look in a mirror and can actually SEE it or do you carry yours INSIDE? How do you feel about your scars?

You know, I once mentioned in a post ….I was babbling on and on about time-travel, I think….that life in general is never easy for any one of us and I wondered about changing something in the past. I know life was never really easy for me, so you might think that I would go back and change EVERYTHING around. And yes, sometimes I’ve wondered when my luck will turn, when can I stop worrying and fussing about things so much. It was always as if, just as things start to look better, a wall would come down right in front of me and…kersplat!…I’ll run face first and full speed into it. Sometimes life felt like a swamp; the quicksand sucking me down, drowning me in darkness, hiding me from the light, where nothing can save you…prayers go unanswered, you are alone, lost….desperate even.

In my life I have lost many loved ones, people who were NOT supposed to die; I’ve had several brushes with death; I’ve battled deep depression; I’ve seen my children have a hard time in school, with friends, with illness; as a family we had our troubles, yes, more than you can imagine, but do you know what? I survived it all…..am still fighting, going on, despite all the bloody noses (the wall) and near-drownings (the swamp), so the saying ”what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is definitely true for me and NO, I will not consider changing anything in my life (if I could travel back in time, that is – well, maybe ONE thing, but that’s a tale for another day). Let me tell you why….

Over the past few months I came to realize the truth about Isaiah 64:8: ”But now, O LORD, You are our Father, We are the clay, and You our potter; And all of us are the work of Your hand.”  We are indeed the clay…..not until we are molded, sculpted and baked in fire will we be worthy to fulfill our mission on earth. Everything we go through prepares us to do something else….something worth while, something meaningful for another……..

For instance:

Without surviving death of a loved one, one would have no proper empathy for others who have gone through the same sorrow

Without surviving the death of a beloved child……one would not have understood the pain and the continuous struggle a parent has to go through for eternity; a pain that never goes away

Without surviving illness, without living through the experience of struggling to survive……one would not have been able to give others hope that it will also pass, it will get better

So many sadness, loss, pain…….experiences that we continue to have; we lose hope, faith; we become embittered, depressed……….

Then, one day, you look in the mirror……and understand. You see, the loss of part of myself opened my eyes to the truth; the scars can now be seen, but instead of making me bitter and morose, it made me more grateful for what I have….for the life, however troubling it has been (and at times still is), I had. The scars didn’t change my soul, no, it strengthened my soul…it taught me something new, it shaped me…inside. I am the clay and I know that life will never be easy, lots of struggles lie ahead……..but in the end, I will be a vessel that can be used to teach other souls the value of life, the value of our experiences…….perhaps I can show others….

We survive the good and the bad, not to suffer in silence or to cover our heads in ashes and sink into deep, dark depression…….we go through hell, through the fire to become pots and jars, filled with hope, filled with a message of joy…..filled with a purposeful life.

This, I think, is the blessing we sometimes miss….this is the reason for living.

I am human…….I survive…………I live to love, bring hope and happiness to an ever darkening world….I follow the example of a Christ that suffered and lived.

Jars of clay

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Dreamers vs Doers


Via Daily Inspirational & Motivational Best Positive Attitude Picture Quotes.

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Via Daily Inspirational & Motivational Best Positive Attitude Picture Quotes.

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Via FaithTap.

One of my favorite favorites EVER. I’ve always loved this song (ever since my NicholasCage infatuation – ”City of Angels”) and the two voices is so powerful together. EXCELLENT!!

Now VERY IMPORTANT NOTE TO LOVED ONES: If I get that call from the great beyond, please have someone sing/play this song at my funeral (you know, just before the celebrations begin!) ….or else I’ll HAUNT you FOREVER!!!



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