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If my brother reads this, his going to think: ”Yeah, Sissy has FINALLY lost it completely!” Always broad-minded (me not Bru) I’ve considered reincarnation something real, something that exists. I don’t think ALL souls reincarnate or perhaps some souls just tend to forget past lives more easily, I don’t know, but I do believe in the possibility (refer to a previous post about belief) that it takes place far more often than we think. In my opinion, heaven would be awfully crowded if everyone who died end up there (not to mention the masses in hell!). I mean, honestly, …..

Anyway, I’ve always had this feeling that I’ve been here before. Even as a child….I would know exactly how a place looks, despite the fact that I’ve never been there, I could predict how people would react or what people would say or even, sometimes, what events will occur, before it happens. It didn’t happen so often that one would actually take notice, so I, kind of, just lived alongside this knowledge and never gave it a second thought. Plus, I always had the idea in my mind that others would consider me slightly insane for thinking and knowing what I do. Precognition has therefore become ”intuition” in my life and I really a great deal on that in my everyday existence. I trust my gut to the point that, last year, I had a huge operation, because I had a ”feeling” that something was off with my body….guess what, I was right. The doctors were quite embarrassed for not believing me, but I saved myself from death, or an arduous treatment program, or both.

Years ago, my youngest was about 7 months old, we were on holiday at a coastal resort. We were doing our laundry at a local Laundromat and the lady that exchanged money for tokens to operate the machines said to us that my son was ”a very old soul”. I’ve never told him this, but I’ve noticed some odd things about him….he looks at the world in a different way than other kids. This is something I can’t quite explain and I have never discussed it with him. As a baby he had a way of looking at you, as if he is sizing you up….something was going on behind those eyes, I tell you. He never looked at the world as if filled with wonder, like other babies, he sometimes looked bored, almost as if he’s been here, done that…..you know the drill. On the other hand, it could just have been my imagination….but WHAT IF???? One should NEVER disregard possibilities of wonder.

Below I’ve taken the liberty of sharing excerpts from the abovementioned article. Click here for the full version. Have a read, and, who knows, maybe you will discover that you have also had the opportunity to pass this way before. Just a reminder, though, open your mind, think of the possibilities, however slight. Perhaps this knowledge will bring some clarity or meaning to your life, perhaps not, but it would not hurt to just read and think about it. Come on, be brave for a change! Take a chance….you have nothing to lose!

Expand your consciousness!

(Excerpt from article posted on 22 March 2015 by Altheia Luna for Expanded Consciousness)

When we understand reincarnation as the maturation process, or evolution, of soulful energy, it follows that some of us have intuitively experienced different things in our lives that reflect on the age of the energy known as our souls. It is commonly believed that many of our personal characteristics, experiences and capabilities in this life reflect on whether we have lived before on earth. It is thought that the more we mature, the more gifted we are in certain areas of life and the more frequently we have ‘spiritual’ experiences.

The truth is that all of us have most likely reincarnated, however some of us have gone through this cycle more than others and therefore experience many of the following characteristics: (for full description of the points below, click here)

1. Recurring Dreams

2. Out-of-place Memories

3. You Have a Strong Intuition

4. Déjà vu

5. You’re an Empath

6. Precognition

7. Retrocognition

8. You Feel Older Than Your Age Reflects

9. You Have a Great Affinity for Certain Cultures/Time Periods/Environments

10. Unexplainable Fears or Phobias

11. You Feel as Though this Earth Is Not Your Home

Could you relate to any of these signs? Do you have any of your own to share? I hope, if anything, this article could offer you another doorway of explanation for what you experience in life.

Read more at http://expandedconsciousness.com/2015/03/22/11-signs-soul-reincarnated-many-times/#BLLDYEU2Mwizs0bi.99


LUNA, ALTHEIA. 2015. 11 Signs your Soul has Reincarnated many times. [Web:] Expanded Consciousness. [Date of Access: 25 March 2015]

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I’m a huge fan of conspiracy theories, extra terrestrial, alien abduction, ghost stories, demonology, parapsychology, etc, etc….everybody who knows me can vouch for this craziness in my life. I don’t really care what people think about what I, uhm…think, feel or believe, and it is my opinion that no-one should care about other people’s views and ideas about their own obsessions.

Here’s the thing….I enjoy any good old conspiracy as much as the next guy…was princess Di murdered? Is she still alive and living in Uruguay? (I promise you, there is such a story on YouTube!) Is the pope really the antichrist? Did a radio-host receive a call from himself….from the future? (This happened back in 1997 and the guy called himself from 2037, or he travelled from 2037, or something like that, anyway.) Oh, and let’s not forget that old standby….is George Bush a reptilian? All this is quite fascinating, even interesting and things like the Bermuda Triangle, the pyramids at Giza, the Amityville Horror, they all managed to keep me well entertained since childhood. Why else would I be the family weirdo that obsess over the latest Stephen King novel, the only one with a horror DVD collection and the ability to ‘’cleanse’’ houses? Oh yes dears, my friends and family really think I’m a total crackpot.

Yet, I pose the question: does belief in something really matter so much to anyone but the believer? I don’t think so. I believe in ghosts and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night, yes, and I believe there are things in and outside our world that we will never, ever comprehend. I also believe there are many ‘’sensitive’’ things that the people in power know that they choose not to share with the common public (I must add, however, that I don’t agree with this secrecy, no matter HOW sensitive said subjects may be. We are NOT all children and, in the end, we will believe what we want anyway and what we don’t know, we’ll guess or make up very efficiently on our own.) I also believe that the stuff of movies, all those time-travelling ideas, the space adventures, yes, even the Loch Ness monster, may be true or may hint at some version of the truth. That old saying…..there is no fire without smoke? Remember? I believe that anything is possible and that we, as human beings, cannot possible comprehend our own abilities and powers or that of the universe. If you look closely, you can see our energy fields, our auras….I know, because I can see it myself. If that, which is invisible to most people, is really there, why can’t other things, that we cannot see, not exist. Perhaps it is staring us in the face and, because we don’t understand what we are seeing, we don’t really notice it. We are so used to live ensconced in our little worlds, with our limited views and ideas that we forget there is a possibility of a BIGGER picture. I also understand that most people would now stop reading and get on the phone to the nearest asylum: ‘’You have to pick up this lady NOW. She’s like…totally nuts!’’ Hello, padded room, straitjacket and Thorazine drip. In addition to all this craziness, sit down for another biggie…I do believe in God. Have you seen Him lately? Do you believe in God? How can you, if you haven’t ever seen Him. Let’s see how you answer THAT question! So this to all those non-believers in impossibilities….aren’t you just a little hypocritical if you believe in your God, a Being you have NEVER seen, read about in a great book written by human hands, yet you don’t allow others to believe in their little strange ideas like paranormal activity, auras and aliens?

The other day my husband and I talked about God, afterlife, heaven, hell….all those things. Husband is having a little faith crisis, you see. He said he wondered what one must do to get into heaven. What must you REALLY do and why did God create us, just so that we can be imperfect, sinful creatures that end up in hell. If God is the Father of all, shouldn’t He be able to make sure that we live holy lives and all end up with Him? And anyhow, what kind of Father sends His own Son to die for sinful beings that will end up questioning His existence. My husband also started wondering if good people will, on the grounds of their good deeds, find a place in heaven or would it turn out that all their efforts at being kind, nice and generous were not good enough after all. Does being a good person count, in other words. My answer? I don’t really care about that. I know that I have to listen to my heart when I do things. I want to be a nice person, a good person and I believe that if that is not enough, then so be it. This makes me happy….to see joy in another’s life because of something I did. It doesn’t matter what my husband believes (ooooo, he wasn’t at all happy about my saying that, I tell you!)….one should live a life where you don’t intentionally hurt others, where you can go to bed at night with a clear conscience and this, my friends, is what I really believe. (Plus, of course, all the other crazy stuff I said above.)

Bottom line….I believe in possibilities…nothing is impossible and if firmly believing in the existence of Big Foot floats your boat…go for it! I’m not sitting around trying to convince people to accept my beliefs, I allow others to believe what they like. Yet, sometimes, I wonder why many people find it so necessary to try to prove you wrong. What makes them so right, after all? So, if princess Di is still alive and well and living in Zimbabwe or Venezuela and you wish to believe that, if it makes you happy…man, go on, believe it. In the end, what you believe should bring joy to YOU and nobody else.




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Recently my yoga instructor posed some really ”deep” questions to our group. One of these questions struck a chord with me, simply because it is something I’ve been asking myself for a long time. No, it is NOT ”Who am I?”, but it has something to do with it. The question? ”At your funeral service, what are the three most important things about you, you would like people to mention in a eulogy?”

When my sister and parents passed away, I wondered about these things myself. What was I to say at the funeral? Who were these people…really? What do I remember of them? Basically, if one could write a story about their lives, how would the story go? Who were they, indeed.

The yoga group discussed this and it became quite clear that no-one really knows another person. You see someone, think he/she is a certain way, but you NEVER look ”inside”. It is rare for people who know others superficially to just throw caution to the wind and reveal their souls to each other. The problem is that, sometimes, people hide so efficiently behind their masks and pretenses that they forget who they are themselves. They become whatever they want the world to see; that ”mask” becomes their identity.

This brings me to the question I’ve asked myself recently, considering the answers posed by our yogi. I’m here, in my life, having lived for nearly half a century…..do I really know who I am? What makes me tick?

The big secret in answering these questions for yourself is to forget other’s impressions of you. Forget what you WANT to be, look closely at your soul and SEE what you are, clearly. Dump the mask….do it….remember, this is just for yourself. How can you find peace, fulfillment and joy in a life that you don’t even know you’re living? The instructor’s question focused a lot on what other people think, but it opened a line of thought, seeking deep, intensive investigation into the recesses of my own mind and heart. It brought up thousands more questions, despite my, very specific answers to the original one posed: I want people to remember me as caring, kind and brave, a survivor. Is this really who I am? Or is it what I want people to think I am? So, who am I?

It may sound a bit confusing, but isn’t life confusing? I prefer to think that we confuse ourselves, anyway, I came to that conclusion after a bit. There is no need to wonder about who we are, we already have the answers, we just have to be honest with ourselves for a change. We should never be embarrassed when doing our self-investigations…why should we be? It is only through looking deep into our own hearts that we will ever be able to live authentically, to find our purpose and fulfill our destiny, don’t you agree? The only important person in  your life should be YOU. Your personal belief systems, your religion, your morals and values…..yes have respect for other’s, but remember, in YOUR life, YOURS are paramount. You cannot digest another person’s food, you can also NOT live another person’s life. It is each to our own….do it well. You have but ONE chance in life, so use it.

After considering the ”funeral”-question and deciding that one cannot just decide willy-nilly, one has to really think about this. I sat myself down, and looked, literally looked in the mirror to see what I SEE. I wrote down what I know about myself…I am caring, kind, gentle (at times), with a hard streak that do not take kindly to people who treat other’s without empathy; I am fair, honest; I will never  hurt others intentionally, but I will fight ferociously for those who need someone to stand up for them; I’m a survivor, but still need someone to hold my hand on occasion; I am not necessarily strong, but people THINK I am….but then, I’m not weak either. I cannot really hide behind a mask…I am who I am, have always been that way. Maybe that is why people always shunned me, teased me relentlessly….because I refused to give in to conformity. Frankly, I’ve decided that I don’t really care what others think of me and if they have nothing to say on my funeral, so be it…..at least they will remember that I was always myself, my own person. I am NOT scared to say I believe in God, I am not scared to say that I will fight for fairness in society, I am not afraid to be myself; even if people make fun of me. Maybe (and at this I had a giggle) people will remember me as ”weird” or ”strange”….proving, yet again, that people, when they live without pretenses, are actually VERY bizarre. So you see, one thing that I hope people will understand when I die, is that I actually LIVED.

Like ol’ Frankie Sinatra sang: ”I did it MY way”. I’m not sharing this to boast about my huge revelation, I’m just trying to show you that you can do it too. You can also examine your own life…YOUR life…it is in YOUR power to see it for what it is, to identify the false elements and change it if you wish to. If you like living a life filled with pretending, so be it…..perhaps it makes you happy. I just know I will never be happy if I live my entire life conforming to what is ”right” and ”expected”; living in the ”right” neighborhood, reading the ”right” books, wearing the ”right” clothes, etc, etc, etc…..it must be horrible to have society decide how you are and, in the end, WHO you are.

In the video at the bottom of this post, one of my favorite gospel groups ”The Casting Crowns” sings a song called: ”Who am I” and some of the lyrics go like this:

Indeed, each of us are flowers, quickly fading….tell me, while you are in ”bloom”, do you hide from the sun or lift your face to its brightness? Do you embrace the life that was giving you or do you want to change the life into something that suits those around you best? Look at the flowers in the field; they may look the same, but upon closer inspection you will see each one has some kind of difference, something that distinguishes one from the other. Perhaps the question about the eulogy shouldn’t be: ”What do people remember of you…”, perhaps it should be ”What distinguished you from the herd…” What made you unique? Because we are all creatures of our Creator, but, in His infinite wisdom, He made each of us different. Do you realize just how magical that is?

The other day I listened to an interview someone had with Oprah Winfrey about her life. She said that she always thought she is not THAT special, that she is common and useless, without purpose. That is why she dedicates her life to making sure people KNOW they are brilliant beings, unique, worthy, because, she says: ”You’re here, on earth, and THAT makes you special already.” Just that fact….you are here…..you were chosen to live life on earth…you ARE special.

Who are you? You are a special creation of God, someone with purpose. You need not pretend to be someone else, you are given permission to be yourself. Do you think babies are born with the thought that they should try to be like their neighbor in the hospital’s nursery? No, of course not, babies are just what they were meant to be…they don’t know the meaning of pretending. Children, as a matter of fact, tend to be painfully honest until the age of about 4 or 5 and I know, many a parent has been embarrassed by something a kid said in innocence. It is as if they have absolutely no filters…they speak the truth, they are what they are….they don’t pretend to be someone or something they are not and then we go on to say that it is only because they don’t know any better. Well, guess what, I think it is the adults who don’t know better! If we can all just stop wearing our masks the world will definitely be a better place. (In my opinion anyway.)

You are the sum of all your parts, the sum of your past, your present and your future……you are unique, you are NOT like anything or anybody else on earth and should not wish to be different. Stand firm, hold your own, keep yourself close, because this life is yours to live….live it well and, one day, when you pass on to another dimension, people at YOUR funeral can say: ”I really KNEW that person. She/he LIVED!”

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