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“Each one of us has a fire in our heart for something. It’s our goal in life to find it and keep it lit.”
~ Mary Lou Retton

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”
~ Henri Bergson

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
~ Maya Angelou

“When you find yourself yelling at someone we want you to say to them in the awareness of your yelling… You hear me yelling at you? You know what that means? It means I am not in vibrational alignment with what I want and you are in my line of fire don’t take it personally it’s not about you it’s about me.”
~ Abraham Hicks

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.”
~ Lao Tzu

“If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.”
~ Joe Rogan

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”
~ Albert Einstein

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”
~ Buddha

“If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone.”
~ Maxwell Maltz

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

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nepal-gegarYou just never know where a day’s journey will lead. Woke up with a praise song drifting around the corners of my mind. Listened to the rain splatter against the car windows as I drove to a local herb show in a nearby church basement. Didn’t buy much (which is a very good thing, seeing as payday is a week away). I was hoping they would have some hard-to-find treasures amid the usual, but it was pretty traditional fare. However, I did have fun losing myself in the smells of each plant and the overall presence of – albeit – temporary garden for a few minutes. And then – I wondered – what does it smell like after an earthquake?

Later, I happened upon a new consignment shop. Any store named for my April treasureschildhood “thinking” tree (Willow Tree Consignment & Gifts) has to be investigated, so I stopped…

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This is the question I’ve been pondering over the past few weeks. It is also the subject we discuss most often in our house. Where is all this leading to? What the hell is wrong with people? Why are things going so BAD for everyone? Of course…no answers to any of these. Just more news reports of killings, murders, wars, famine, poverty, disease….every second of the day. It is totally out of control.

People are being killed in so-called ”religious wars”. In my opinion, a God or god calling for blood or human sacrifice is not a god worthy of worship. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be offensive, but honestly…..children beheaded, women killed….and I am NOT only talking about certain countries in certain desert lands, far away. This is happening every minute, perhaps every second and sometimes, people are simply killed for the ”fun” of it. In our ”beloved” country people have been killed for the shoes on their feet or their cellphones….families have been murdered, held at gunpoint, women raped, children tortured…for the clothes on their backs. I’m NOT joking. These days you do not have to be offensive, you don’t have to challenge people, you are a walking corpse wherever you are. It would seem that people have lost that basic feeling of compassion, of empathy, of basic respect of human life….so I’ve been wondering, what is the point of it all? Are we all going to wake up one day….dead? Or  is there some light at the end of this tunnel?

Sometimes I get very angry at these pointless, bloody sacrifices that happen all across the world; there is simply no proper reason at all. Negotiations between political leaders…..what negotiations? Does it really change anything? People just close their eyes to the truth and pretend nothing is wrong. We go about business every day….without thinking that somewhere on earth, someone is fighting for his or her right to live AT THAT VERY MOMENT. Until it happens to us personally, I don’t think we will ever be able to comprehend these truly horrific and ruthless actions of strangers.

Humanity is not known for its kindness anymore; we, who think we are all such a very ”advanced”, such an ”enlightened” species….what a joke. We are a cruel and heartless bunch of monsters, if you ask me. Example: the other day my daughter in law brought a kitten to our house. Said little sweetheart was found in a parking lot in town where men were throwing rocks at her. A kitten, for goodness sake! What did that poor mite ever do to anyone! But then, in the work I do, people throw away their own flesh and blood…. Example: a while back I visited an orphanage where the lady in charge told me the harrowing story of her first orphaned child. She said that children were playing soccer in a field by her house when they came running to her, screaming something about hearing a strange sound among the bushes and rocks. She went to investigate and, in a hole, covered with a slab of cement, she found a newborn infant. She took the baby, a boy, home and, as it was week-end and social services was closed, she kept him with her, feeding him diluted cows’ milk. That little boy is now 16 years old and still live with her in the orphanage. With my own daughter I had a similar experience….she was taken for a ”test-run” and dumped at the age of 3. She was, according to her biological family, ”in the way of their social life”. So you see, we do not understand the value of human life anymore, we do not nurture anymore, we throw away, we kill what doesn’t die….and still I wonder ”why”….why do people, living people, find it in their hearts to kill, anything, animals, humans, whatever.

Is that what we’ve become? What is it going to take for us to wake up and see the truth? Human life, nature, everything has value, has a place in this world. When are we going to understand that we are on this earth because we have a responsibility? That responsibility is NOT to kill, NOT to abuse natural resources, but to nurture it, to take care of it.

I know I am not a politician, I am a simple housewife in a small country in the South (many people don’t even know where my country is)…..but if I, undereducated perhaps, a little silly, sometimes a little nuts, can SEE this, why can’t the people that rule the world see it? Or do they see it and choose blindness?

I don’t want to spoil anyone’s day here, but people, I see trouble looming…and it is already too far gone, I think, it’s coming and we cannot stop it anymore. We, as a human race, have managed to doom ourselves to the horrid lives we live now. We should not sit back and blame other people, we should stand up and take responsibility for this. Because, dear friends, I think the end is closer than we ever thought it was. Not, perhaps, the end foretold in any Bible or even that Armageddon will be caused by an asteroid strike or alien invasion….it will be caused by US! We are our own enemy and if we don’t wake up sooner rather than later…..well, it is close to midnight on the last day of earth as we know it, closer than you or I can imagine.

So, reading the above quote, I think it’s about time that we all start to carefully consider before we say something bad or think something terrible about another person, because that simple act of ”bad talk” and ”evil thinking” was exactly the thing that started this trouble in the first place. It became our destiny and, I’m afraid that it is not sure that there is hope for us anymore, I think humankind is lost already….all we can do now, is pray, pray for absolution, pray for a miracle and hope, hope that somewhere, someone will rise up to become a leader that can finally show us the way.

And if at all possible, my friends, let that person NOT be just a single man, woman or child, but let us, for once, act as a species….let us stand together. I’m putting forth this call, which, given the little influence I have in the world, may be futile, but I damn well am trying! Come fellow humans, it is time to put aside our petty bloody differences and fight for our own survival.

LET THE CHANGE START WITH YOU, NOW, TODAY! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Don’t say I didn’t ask you! Stop waiting for someone else to do the work….get up from your couch (mr/ms Potato-head) and get getting!


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Good Morning #Rainbow


Woke up the whole family to witness this today. For the first time in years….a double rainbow over our house.

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When in despair…..



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Via Daily Dose of Motivation on Google+.

Daily Dose of Motivation - Google+

Daily Dose of Motivation - Google+

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Daily Bread: Psalm 18


I’ve been asking the Lord tonight to give me a sign, something to renew my faith so that life would seem brighter again. I didn’t expect anything, you see, over the past few months I’ve become wary to expect too much consideration and kindness from others (not that God is ‘just another’ person….but I think you know what I mean).

Of course God was listening and when I opened my Bible is was at Psalm 18. I share it with you in the hope that it will give you this same sense of peace, that you will be comforted by the thought that, even in our darkest hour, the Lord will step in, save us and overcome the enemy on our behalf.

This message to you then, for Easter, forever.

Stay blessed friends.

Psalm 18
[Good News Bible on Bible.com]

David’s Song of Victory
(2 Sam 22.1–51)

1How I love you, Lord!
You are my defender.
2The Lord is my protector;
he is my strong fortress.
My God is my protection,
and with him I am safe.
He protects me like a shield;
he defends me and keeps me safe.
3I call to the Lord,
and he saves me from my enemies.
Praise the Lord!
4The danger of death was all round me;
the waves of destruction rolled over me.
5The danger of death was round me,
and the grave set its trap for me.
6In my trouble I called to the Lord;
I called to my God for help.
In his temple he heard my voice;
he listened to my cry for help.
7Then the earth trembled and shook;
the foundations of the mountains rocked and quivered,
because God was angry.
8Smoke poured out of his nostrils,
a consuming flame and burning coals from his mouth.
9He tore the sky apart and came down
with a dark cloud under his feet.
10He flew swiftly on a winged creature;
he travelled on the wings of the wind.
11He covered himself with darkness;
thick clouds, full of water, surrounded him.
12Hailstones and flashes of fire
came from the lightning before him
and broke through the dark clouds.
13Then the Lord thundered from the sky;
and the voice of the Most High was heard.
14He shot his arrows and scattered his enemies;
with flashes of lightning he sent them running.
15The floor of the ocean was laid bare,
and the foundations of the earth were uncovered,
when you rebuked your enemies, Lord,
and roared at them in anger.
16The Lord reached down from above and took hold of me;
he pulled me out of the deep waters.
17He rescued me from my powerful enemies
and from all those who hate me —
they were too strong for me.
18When I was in trouble, they attacked me,
but the Lord protected me.
19He helped me out of danger;
he saved me because he was pleased with me.
20The Lord rewards me because I do what is right;
he blesses me because I am innocent.
21I have obeyed the law of the Lord;
I have not turned away from my God.
22I have observed all his laws;
I have not disobeyed his commands.
23He knows that I am faultless,
that I have kept myself from doing wrong.
24And so he rewards me because I do what is right,
because he knows that I am innocent.
25O Lord, you are faithful to those who are faithful to you;
completely good to those who are perfect.
26You are pure to those who are pure,
but hostile to those who are wicked.
27You save those who are humble,
but you humble those who are proud.
28O Lord, you give me light;
you dispel my darkness.
29You give me strength to attack my enemies
and power to overcome their defences.
30This God — how perfect are his deeds!
How dependable his words!
He is like a shield
for all who seek his protection.
31The Lord alone is God;
God alone is our defence.
32He is the God who makes me strong,
who makes my pathway safe.
33 He makes me sure-footed as a deer;
he keeps me safe on the mountains.
34He trains me for battle,
so that I can use the strongest bow.
35O Lord, you protect me and save me;
your care has made me great,
and your power has kept me safe.
36You have kept me from being captured,
and I have never fallen.
37I pursue my enemies and catch them;
I do not stop until I destroy them.
38I strike them down, and they cannot rise;
they lie defeated before me.
39You give me strength for the battle
and victory over my enemies.
40You make my enemies run from me;
I destroy those who hate me.
41They cry for help, but no one saves them;
they call to the Lord, but he does not answer.
42I crush them, so that they become like dust
which the wind blows away.
I trample on them like mud in the streets.
43You saved me from a rebellious people
and made me ruler over the nations;
people I did not know have now become my subjects.
44Foreigners bow before me;
when they hear me, they obey.
45They lose their courage
and come trembling from their fortresses.
46The Lord lives! Praise my defender!
Proclaim the greatness of the God who saves me.
47He gives me victory over my enemies;
he subdues the nations under me
48and saves me from my foes.
O Lord, you give me victory over my enemies
and protect me from violent people.
49 And so I praise you among the nations;
I sing praises to you.
50God gives great victories to his king;
he shows constant love to the one he has chosen,
to David and his descendants for ever.

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