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You need to listen to this beautiful song….it sounds like music from heaven. A new take on The Prayer of St Francis.

Truly extraordinary.


YouTube.  2012.  Channel: Lina L.  [Web:] Servant of Peace by Snatam Kaur.  [Date of Access:] 25 January 2016.

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Looking at our news bulletins of the week I’m astounded at the hate and anger of so many. Well, the news always shocks me, but this was right here on my doorstep, in my country.

Why are people so intolerant? Why do they hate?

I could never understand why people differentiate and why they despise those that are ‘different’ from them. What makes you so perfect, then?

In my work I see many people, all religions, races and creeds; I see children abandoned or abused by their families and retarded children of every colour, age and gender. I’ve worked with transgender people, had meals with HIV+ children….the list goes on and on, and just what did I discover? We are ALL THE SAME. I am no more special than the autistic coloured boy with no parents or the rich donor that shares his bounty with the poor or even the selfish entrepreneur that refuses to give discount to the elderly lady in rags….the same colour blood runs through our veins, we all have to eat to be healthy, drink water to live; William Shakespeare said it SO well in his play, ‘The Merchant of Venice’: ‘If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? If you wrong us, shall we not revenge’ Personally I do not agree with the revenge part, but his words explain the true nature of humankind so well (Note – HUMANkind). It just serves to prove….we have NO right to judge others based on something we all share. We are ALL humans, sharing an earth, air, water, everything. We all have emotions, thoughts, abilities…..heartache, pain…. Isn’t it strange then, that the only thing we all seem to be able to do well together is to destroy the very earth we live on? Is that all we can do as team HUMAN? If this is true, I am so ashamed of myself and of the human race.

One very important thing I discovered in my life-journey, is that there is one thing we all need…LOVE…not necessarily ‘romantic’ love, but a love that forgives, forgets, transcends all negativity, a love that is tolerant, caring, compassionate, kind, loyal, friendly, gentle….all this. Want to hear some good news? IT IS FREE! You can live a life of love, despite the state of the economy. Why then is it so very difficult for us to find that sweet and precious gift in our hearts? Why is it so difficult for us to share it with EVERYone?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the world can become blind to differences? We will not see a Christian or a Muslim, black or white, rich or poor, gay or straight, man or woman,  but a PERSON, a fellow HUMAN being. The thing is, we cannot wait for ‘someone’ to SHOW us how, only you yourself can choose to bring that change of  perception in your own life. Do not wait another minute….look long and hard at your attitude towards others, change it NOW, it is your responsibility to the world. Man up and just DO it!

This then, is my challenge to all my friends in 2016: Let’s share love and kindness with everyone; let’s NOT differentiate, let’s not discriminate, let’s not hate or judge,  even if it is difficult at times (humans will be human after all), be compassionate, kind, forgiving and hold onto this thought: WE ALL SMILE IN THE SAME LANGUAGE.






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Over this past festive season I’m sure we all took the opportunity of reflecting on 2015; what we did, what happened to us and the world (both good and bad) and we also look forward to the new year. I’m sure many have a lot of resolutions (get more exercise, eat healthier, work harder, etc, etc). I pose the question then: why all these resolutions? I guess the answer is quite obvious – because we can still CHANGE it!

I hope therefore that, when you look at the past, you will do so without regret and, if you DO feel a tinge of sadness or regret or disappointment or even anger, please let it go. You cannot go back and change it, you can, however, learn to EMBRACE it and USE it as a tool to become a better person.

Now this is all old news….we cannot travel back in time, accept what you cannot  change and blah-blah-blah…you’ve probably heard it a 100.000 times in your life. Question is: ‘Did you actually GET it?’ Or are you still stubbornly clinging to ancient differences, quarrels, disagreements and disputes? Will holding on to all those things of the past make a difference to tomorrow? No, I don’t think so. Look at it, yes, but do not dwell on it and make yourself miserable today….look, remember and LEARN, then get off your behind and take ACTION to make things better for yourself. That is the ONLY way to a better future.

In November 2015 I met a lovely lady from Rwanda and she told me something very important. Coming from Rwanda one can imagine the life she must have had while living there as a child. She witnessed it all…the war, the genocide…she really had first hand experience of the evil humans are capable of. Today she is an accomplished researcher, with a lovely family of her own and she doesn’t hold grudges. She said that people should make an effort to put the past behind them, only then will they be able to move forward. She and her family are an example of people who managed to do just that, and they thrive.

You see, one should perhaps not forget the past, one should remember, but with a kind of nostalgia…something like: ‘I remember when that bad thing happened, but look where we are now, I’ve certainly learned a lot from that experience.’ I know this may sound naive, but people should let go, because what has been is done with, it’s over, it’s forever in the past….the only way to move forward in a positive way is to change your attitude and to do so without all that extra baggage. Do not keep returning to the time of grief and sorrow, digging at it with your bare hands, wallowing in it, pointing fingers at the guilty party who caused your pain – the wound will NEVER heal. It will keep on festering, filling your soul with despair, anger, hate and unhappiness. But you have it in your power to heal that wound completely by expressing your gratitude to an experience that shaped and formed you and made you the person you are today. Forgive the person you hold accountable, but do so actively, not only with empty words…mean it…and prove it in action. You will come to understand that, whatever is holding you back, the purpose of it was NOT to have you cling to the memory forever, the purpose was for you to experience and learn, to BECOME the person you are supposed to be.

The thing is, friends, we are all in charge of our own lives and attitudes, only we can change it, not the world, not the preachers or politicians. You have to decide, do you want to stay miserable, struggling with your bag of past grievances and pain? OR Are you prepared to let it go, let it heal and move on with your life? I have to warn you, though, life is very short, shorter than you can imagine, so you have to decide now if you still want to live a fulfilled and happy life. Don’t waste another minute and always remember this: when you die, HOW will people remember you? What will YOUR legacy be?

Allow yourself to keep loving the world, your life, despite what may or may not have been….you owe that to your future.




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