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My Saviour….my life

My whole life I was nothing. I wasn’t the ‘it’ girl in school. At home I was called the ‘white rat’, the changeling. At church I was the one who always seemed guilty of something. People never liked me. I’m the loner, in Afrikaans ‘die vark in die verhaal’.

My whole life I’ve tried to please people, but I was never good enough. I saved and carried people through the worst parts of their lives. I’m the ear that listens and the mouth that NEVER shares pain and secrets.

Well, I’ve found someone who accepted me, who love me without strings attached.

I long for the day that I can meet Him in person.

God is my refuge, my Saviour. My life belongs to Him alone. To Him I’m good enough.

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#CanDo #BetterLifeBetterWorld #Inspiration #Motivation

I don’t know if it is me getting older and wiser, or just me getting older and crankier. The thing is, I’ve become a little bit irritated by everything in the world. So, I have been wondering if I’m the only one noticing these really bizarre things.

Have you noticed, for instance, that everyone on social media seems happy, yet the world is now more filled with depression and suicide than ever before in history? Not to mention the enormous increase in drug and alcohol abuse AND the growing rate of prescriptions for anti-depressants, mood stabilizers and sleeping pills. Never before have I been so bombarded by meme’s proclaiming that kindness, compassion and love is the way, however the world remains to be a boiling cauldron of war, famine, poverty, abuse, pain and suffering, while those that are supposed to bring change, just keep on talking about the very things these meme’s proclaim. It is ludicrous, to say the least.

What is this ‘authentic life’ people are talking about? I just don’t understand. Have we been living false lives then? Yes, I know I sound crazy, but seriously, it seems that everywhere motivational speakers are popping up with ‘the answer’ to it all. They provide solutions and 5-step programmes, solutions that are rarely taken seriously and programmes that are never followed through. People remain in discontent; they are clinically unhappy and wallow in self-hate, self-pity and depression!! Why?

I’ve mulled over this issue and suddenly it became SO clear. Remember that old saying ‘talk is cheap’? This is exactly what is happening here! We talk and talk about kindness and caring, love and compassion, reaching out to war zones and helping refugees. “PEACE,” we shout and then we have a cup of tea and watch CNN. WATCH CNN, mind you! So that we can comment on the war and the famine and say things like: “This should…. They must…Why don’t they?”. I’m right, aren’t I?

Then we go to our comfortable beds, scan our Facebook newsfeeds, check Twitter and post a nice meme on Instagram (or a photo of your cute cat, curled at the bottom of the bed). How do I know this? Because this is what I do and I just KNOW I’m not the only one. We are SO busy online and wagging our tongues about the state of the world (and life in general) that we forget we’ve got some serious power. That power, my friends, is the ‘CAN DO’ or in SM-speak #CanDo. Unfortunately, you’ll have to get up and go out and actually lift a finger or two, not to mention an arm and a leg, oh, and you’ll have to bend the old noodle as well.

Point is, you cannot change the world or your life, by just TALKING about it. Your words will not feed the hungry or bring warm blankets to the poor during the winter months. Your power of positivity-meme on Instagram will NOT stop the teen from committing suicide or using drugs. Yes, it may uplift him in the moment, but once he scrolled down, what then??? Politicians love to talk, we all know that, and maybe they have the REAL power to change things. Celebrities have money and social power and many of them actually do go out of their way to help those in need. Hats off to them!! Now I can just hear you saying: “But I’m not a Hollywood star or a politician. My input has no clout at all. I don’t have money to fund outreach programmes and build rehabilitation centres. It doesn’t matter what I do, it will amount to nothing.” WRONG!!!

Do you believe that meme you posted this morning? That one about kindness or compassion? Do you believe that is how a person should be? Then BE LIKE IT!! Don’t just post about it because people expect you to, actually BE KIND! Smile at the stranger in the street, give food to the homeless fellow on the corner, visit a sick neighbour. This is something you CAN DO!

Did you comment on a post about a tragic suicide or a mourning family? Did you send them a little sad face to show your support? Did you think: “Those poor people, I feel SO sorry for them”? Why don’t you start doing something about it then? If you can’t visit them in person, at least type something more supportive than an emoticon. Or send them a direct message with a poem of condolence. Learn the lesson through their experience by appreciating your own loved ones more, be careful what you say to others and talk to someone who seems lonely or depressed. You never know when another person’s misery and sorrow come knocking at your own door. You CAN DO it!!

People, we may not be able to have the universal power of the United Nations or the fist of power held by leaders in the free world, but we can nurture our own CAN DO-power with action. We can change OUR little world, our lives if we dare to reach beyond our own comfort zone. And to think that you will not impact anything or anyone is a big mistake. Your smile may give hope to the stranger in the street, your kind touch may save the life of a broken teenager, your loaf of bread may feed the beggar’s family tonight…and if that is not impacting a life, I don’t know what is.

Closer to home you can be more THERE for your loved ones (and less online), listen to them, take time to care about their lives, notice them, love them. Stop posting about perfect families and CREATE the perfect family. You CAN DO it!!

You want to live an ‘authentic life’? This is how. This is also how your Facebook smile becomes the real thing and not just a ‘for the photo’-grin. This is also how health and happiness can be achieved. Doing good for others uplift the spirit, brings fulfilment and content. Why? Because you feel you live a life worthy of something. You MEAN something.

Also, when you see the suffering in the world first-hand, you learn to appreciate what you have. We are all struggling to get by in a world that demands more and more from us every single day. Sometimes we feel trapped by all these terrible things. We worry constantly, but once you are faced with the harsh reality of other people’s misery and pain, you learn that you should count your blessings and be thankful for what you have.

The thing is, friends, we post a multitude of nonsense on social media, yet we never take responsibility for it. We put things out into the world, without a single thought that, maybe, we must take that message to heart ourselves. I admit that I love the meme’s and the quotes and the little smiley faces (even though it sometimes gets irritating) and that it gives me hope to think there are so many people on this planet who crave to become better human beings. However, perhaps we should really consider acting on what we post: BE kind, BE considerate, BE caring. Do not read the inspirational quote and then promptly forget it. ACT on it if you believe in it.

Life should be lived to the full. We all have limited days and we must make the most of it. This is our world, we have a responsibility towards it and its residents to be the best person we can be and no post will ever achieve that. You must do it YOURSELF.

Look, listen, learn….that’s life, love it and embrace it.

Remember, you got this and you CAN!!



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