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My Saviour….my life

My whole life I was nothing. I wasn’t the ‘it’ girl in school. At home I was called the ‘white rat’, the changeling. At church I was the one who always seemed guilty of something. People never liked me. I’m the loner, in Afrikaans ‘die vark in die verhaal’.

My whole life I’ve tried to please people, but I was never good enough. I saved and carried people through the worst parts of their lives. I’m the ear that listens and the mouth that NEVER shares pain and secrets.

Well, I’ve found someone who accepted me, who love me without strings attached.

I long for the day that I can meet Him in person.

God is my refuge, my Saviour. My life belongs to Him alone. To Him I’m good enough.


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FELIX, Liza.  2015. Unnamed quote: So very true…. [Web:] Pinterest: For the Love of God.  [Date of Access:] 3 March 2016.


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The Bottom of a Bottle

Floundered In Darkness (Isaiah 50:10)

My steps floundered
In darkness I became lost
My direction to hopelessness
Until I saw His light

In Him I place my trust
As I walk into His grace
To a path that leads to life
A new life found in Him

Isaiah 50:10 Isaiah 50:10

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Was watching the new ‘X-files’ tonight. Mulder was listening to this and it just made me feel like dancing (not that I’m a good dancer). But to have a song lift your heart and let it fly…well, suffice to say, I needed this ‘lift’ desperately.

Let’s hope it remains with me…keeping me up there in the clouds and away from all the cares and worries of life.

Have a good week, friends, only 3 days till the weekend! Hang in there!

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Reflection: On Fear

String of Pearls

Reflection image fear

Over the past week we’ve discussed fear. I’ve sought to reassure you, dear reader, that we should never fear anything in this world,  be it the future, enemies or our own abilities, because God is always in our presence.

Let us reflect on this issue of fear:

Fear is such a distinctly human emotion. We are, by nature fallible in body and mind; we can get hurt, we can die and many of us fear death itself. Some people fear pain,  some fear loss and, these days, with the world in turmoil, many of us fear the future. We worry endlessly about these things and, given half a chance, fear will overwhelm us and leave us in despair, quivering with anxiety.

Sometimes the fear is not even for ourselves, but for our loved ones. Many of the things we do these days are the result of fear: we live behind…

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What is freedom?


from bondage to freedomFreedom is a state in which we are free from slavery to any form of enslavement.  It includes the concept of liberty.

The Statue of Liberty in New York is a symbol of freedom and liberty for the arriving immigrants. I once went to visit this monument and the tour guide showed us that at her feet were chains and these chains represent the bondage and ensalvement of the past and of what they had left behind them.

Definition: The state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint.

The theme of freedom is a theme we see over and over again in scripture. It is the underlying narrative of the story of Exodus.  Jesus Himself speaks about it.  The idea of freedom is built into the very fabric of peoples, society and nations.  It is as if it is wired into our DNA and we can have a…

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