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I hope you enjoy this song as much as I did. I hope and pray it brings a sense of peace in times of turmoil. Stand firm, believers….

Revelation 22:7: “Behold, I am coming quickly. Blessed is the one who keeps the words of prophecy in this book.”




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The King of Who I am John Starnes – YouTube.

”…Every road I’ve traveled down, You have walked before me

You made the light to shine out of darkness

I am looking for the day that I bow before You

and lay my crowns at Your feet..”


This song has most certainly been traveling with me since childhood. I remember watching sermons by our favorite Rev (Pastor Jimmy) on television (videotaping those we missed) with my late sister, Bertie. She particularly adored mr Starnes singing; ”Jerusalem” and ”King of who I am” was her absolute favorites. I remember one Sunday evening (it was school holiday and I was visiting sis in Johannesburg), we were hanging on every word the Rev. was saying, crying the odd tear and loudly singing along if we knew the lyrics (much to my brother-in-law’s horror – not a singing family, us!). After one particularly lively worship-song, sis flopped down on the couch and said (I remember this as if it was yesterday): ”Isn’t it just groovy being a Christian!” Well, yes, it was and is ”groovy” and now, 10 years after her death  I can still see her face in front of me, glowing like a shining lamp, when she said that. THAT is how I remember my sister, my visits to her home and her endless love for the music of John Starnes and Jimmy Swaggart.

Today, thinking back on that evening….far behind us, in the darkness of the past, I can still agree with her and that is why, this year, our old favorite is my ”ANTHEM FOR 2015”.

As mentioned in earlier posts, 2014 was not a particularly good year for me and the family. I also mentioned the choice I’ve made at the end of it all. This song would therefore be something to remind me that it is still ”groovy” to be Christian, that the end will be worth it and that, even though life is filled with trials and tribulations, sorrows and heartaches…..eventually my days will again be filled with laughter, there will be no more tears and my heart will no more fear the road that lies ahead, because He is also MY King and one day I will have the opportunity to lay my crowns at His feet.

John 16:33

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